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Engineering Cloud-based Applications: Towards an Application Lifecycle


At the CloudWays 2017 workshop I talked about my take on how a CBA lifecycle should look like, including proposing a definition of CBAs that seems to be missing from the literature. You can find the slides of the talk here and the full paper (author’s copy, while the workshop proceedings are in press) here.


At the University of Stuttgart

Undergraduate courses, University of Stuttgart , 2012

I taught Service Engineering for four years, Services & Service Composition for one year, and organized the Cloud Computing seminar for one term.

At the University of Groningen

Undergraduate courses, University of Groningen, 2016

At RUG I am currently co-lecturing Web and Cloud Computing, and lecturing the Computer Architecture course. I also do tutoring for the Introduction to Computing Science course which provides a broad introduction to multiple aspects of Computer Science.