About me

This is the web site of Vasilios Andrikopoulos, currently tenure tracking as an associate professor in the Software Engineering and Architecture (SEARCH) research group of the University of Groningen.

You might know me from the work I have been doing on engineering cloud-based applications (and in particular on how to architect them considering their operational expenses), architecting Systems of Systems (focusing on the interface between Systems and Software Engineering disciplines), and/or more recently on sustainable software systems. If you are interested in one of these areas you can take a look at the selection of papers under publications, and on the past and current projects page.

You might also have landed here because of one of my past works.

My dissertation work addressed a number of topics affiliated with the need for managing the evolution of software services in a systematic manner. It entailed a versioning framework for service interfaces, a theory for service compatibility as an extension of type theory, compatibility checking algorithms implemented on service-oriented middleware, and the capability to generate consumer/provider-specific contracts that allow for additional flexibility in the evolution of either party.

As a postdoc, I worked on cloud-enabling service middleware, with a focus on issues of multi-tenancy awareness that is particularly interesting in the case of collective adaptive systems. Together with my collaborators, we extended this work towards the migration of applications to the cloud, looking beyond cloud provider selection, and treating migration as a multi-dimensional problem. A major component of this effort was the development of the means to provide designers with cost estimations for operating their systems in the cloud under different deployment scenarios. It also seems that I co-authored one of the first papers on cloud native applications.

In addition to this web site, you can find information about me at my University of Groningen page, and at the various social networks outlets on the sidebar of this page.

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